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Parfümöl 241741 Classico

Duftbeschreibung:  Fougere, Woody, Musk
A fresh fougere woody fragrance with a cool floral masculine heart leading to a rich woody musky base.

Parfümöl 267238 Pure Hygiene

Duftbeschreibung:  A fresh and natural fragrance reminiscent of mountain air with a green complex, floral and ozonic notes based aon sandalwood, amber and musk.

Parfümöl 721567 Lebleue

Duffamilie: Chypre – Floral – Woody
Duftbeschreibung: Fresh, clean top note. Floral heart and a musky, woody base note.

Top: Aldehyde, Eucalyptus

Heart: Floral, Cyclamen, Rosewood, Orris, Carnation

Base: Patchouli, Wood, Musk

Parfümöl 723783 Wool delight

Duftbeschreibung:  Apfel

Parfümöl 115455 Sparkling Lemon

Duffamilie: Citrus, Subfamiliy Lemon/Lime, Specifier: lemon
Duftbeschreibung: A sparkling and very radiant citrus compositon
with a fresh lemon-peel top note and a floral, ambery-musky background.

Parfümöl 991081 Magnolia Dream


Top: Magnolia, Bergamot

Heart: Jasmin, Rosewood, Rose

Base: Cedarwood, Wood, Vanilla, Balsam, Musk

Parfümöl 883130 Rosella LF

Duffamilie: floral – green – phenolic
Duftbeschreibung: A fresh, natural floralfor fabric softener with caring, soft elements and excellent substantivity.

Top: rose bud, violett leaf, green complex, bergamotte oil, orange oil, cedar leaf, aldehyde complex

Heart: rose blossom, clove bud, violett flower, peach fruit, papaya fruit, geranium oil, orange flower

Base: rose flower, musk complex, cinnamon bark, sandel wood, patchouly oil, miel blanc, guajac wood, ambra

Parfümöl 979838 Ecofresh

Duffamilie: floral – green – herbaceous

Top: Bergamot, Green, Leafy green, Pineapple

Heart: Floral, Jasmin, Rose, Cyclamen, Lilac

Base: Animal, Musk

Parfümöl 125855 Indian Summer

Duftbeschreibung: An overall floral and fresh composition. The rich floral bouquet is rounded off harmoniously by powdery and soft woody elements.

Family: Floral

Subfamily: Fruity

Specifier: Herbaceous